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What to See on Koh Chang Island

What to see on Koh Chang? The question is urgent, because the beaches and the azure sea are good, but the soul also requires cultural food.

You can always contact Siamese.Tours and go on a sightseeing tour of the island.

Or you can rent a bike or car and explore Chang on your own style.

Beach on Koh Chang7.jpg

Beach on Koh Chang

Temples at Koh Chang
Salak Phet Buddhist Temple 3.jpg

Thailand People are very religious.

Therefore, the main attraction of any place in Thailand is the Temple.

Religious events are held every day in all Buddhist temples, local residents bring offerings and gifts.

The population of the island at all times actively donates funds for the construction of

Buddhist temples, and it is these temples that constitute the religious heritage of Koh Chang.

There are seven Buddhist temples on the island. Almost every large fishing village

has a Wat

built for the religious needs of the community.

Wat Salak Phet

Wat Klong Prao

The temple is located in the very centre of Klong Prao Beach, tourists have long been accustomed to here. Monks live here and services are held. If you are interested in talking to the monks or ask for a seisin thread on your hand, with the deepest desire - you need to come to the temple before 10-30am. Afterwards, Buddha's servants cannot talk to worldly people. All major celebrations such as Buddha day or Loy Krathong take place in this temple.

Wat Salak Phet

This is a Temple built on the east side.

Monks also live here, but seeing them happens less often. Wat was built by the whole world, for almost 20 years. But the temple turned out - feast for the eyes!

Bright, sparkling in the sun, with carved figures in the courtyard.

Also, please, visit to a small museum located exactly across the street from the temple.

We strongly recommend the museum, although it is tiny, but the only one dedicated to the history of Koh Chang.

Chinese Temple in Klong Son Village

The most revered, San Cha Por is a Chinese temple in which,

according to legend, the Dragon - Spirit of Chang Island lives.

From early in the morning, locals come here with offerings for the Spirit.

Fishermen come to ask for a catch, farmers - good weather.

In addition to the Temples, there are many other authentic attractions on the island, for example, the houses of the spirits. These are small structures that look like a small temple. They can be seen all over the island in a wide variety of designs and sizes.

According to legends, on every, even a small piece of land, there is a spirit that protects this territory. Therefore, in order to live a quiet life, the spirit needs to bring regular offerings.

Chinese Temple 3.png
Koh Chang Lookouts

Chinese Temple

Observation platforms with stunning views are probably one of the most important assets of the island. There are a lot of them, and every connoisseur of Koh Chang has his own favourite place, from which it is so pleasant to observe the sea, neighbouring islands and rare boats sailing along the coast. Below we list only the main ones.

White Sand Beach View Point
White Sand Beach View Point 2.JPG

The most famous observation deck on White Sand Beach.

Almost every traveler has the opportunity

to see the site when moving

from Koh Chang pier to the east coast of the island.

View Point have a small parking lot and a place for rest.

The Best evening view on White Sand Beach

White Sand Beach View Point

View Point at south of White Sand Beach

Located opposite the hospital on White Sand Beach -

Shrine of Admiral Krom Luang Jumborn Khet Udomsak.

The place is located right across the street from the International clinic Bangkok Koh Chang. Climbing the steps upward, you will see a small temple and an observation deck, from which probably the most beautiful view opens up.

Kai Bae View Point

View of the nearby islands from the lookout. Located on way from Kai Bae to Lonely Beach, if you move around the island on a scooter - you will not pass by.

Kai Bae View Point 4.jpg

Kai Bae View Point

Rock on Chai Chet Beach

To get to the rocks, you need to walk along the territory of the Chaichet resort from the left bank side. The Best if you “break through” at 17.30-18.00 a gorgeous sunset awaits you with the sound of the waves. Please, be careful, if hotel staff ask money for entry, immediately contact Tourist Police, because take money is illegal for that things.

Piers at Than Mayom and Salak Phet

They leaving a white arrow into the blue sea of the sea.

View Point on road to Long Beach

One of the most beautiful place on Koh Chang.

Panoramic views of fishing villages, beaches and neighbouring islands await you. Due to the remoteness of this site from the island civilisation,

it is always quiet and peaceful here.

View Point on road to Long Beach 3.jpg

View Point on road to Long Beach

Koh Chang Waterfalls

This is another natural attraction of Koh Chang. The waterfalls are especially beautiful during the green season, when they are filled with mountain water. Waterfalls are incredible strength and power. And also, this is an opportunity to cool off on a hot day. We especially recommend visiting the two main waterfalls of the island.

Klong Plu

A place that everyone knows. Located on Klong Prao Beach, one kilometre from the main road. To get to the waterfall you need to catch a songtew from your hotel, tell the driver “Klong Plu Waterfall” and you will be taken directly to the place.

The Natural Park entrance ticket price now is 200 baht.

Than Mayom

The second largest waterfall in Koh Chang is Tan Mayom. The place is famous for the fact that once this waterfall was visited by King Rama 5, beloved by the Thailand people.

One of the stones still has a memorable inscription made before his arrival. The ticket also costs 200 baht (one ticket to National Park is valid for both falls on the same day).

More information about waterfall here.

Interesting Places on Koh Chang
Salak Khok Mangrove Forest

A cozy place where you can safely walk

for about half an hour.

There is an observation deck overlooking the southeastern part of Koh Chang.

In the evenings you can admire the fireflies here.

You can also with the locals boat drivers and take a boat ride through the mangrove forest for a little money.

Boat for rent with and without driver located at fisherman village near forest.

Salak Phet Mangrove Forest

Beautiful road in mangroves with perfect view.

Mangrove Forest 4.jpg

Mangrove Forest

War Memorial 

War Memorial located at small beach after Long Beach. Historical monument on the island. The memorial is dedicated to the historic battle for the waters of the Ko Chang archipelago in 1941. Only one coral beach on island.

Perfect view and the best beach.

Sunset on Koh Chang9.jpg

Sunset on Koh Chang

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