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Weather on Koh Chang in May

May on Koh Chang is the last month of the high season. The weather on Koh Chang differs slightly from month to month, but it differs from season to season. The daredevils who are not afraid of the promised rains are waiting for a royal vacation: deserted beaches, free roads (more precisely, one island "highway"), inexpensive hotels and - the cherry on the cake - a huge amount of cheap tropical fruits. The fact is that the province of Trat, which owns the island, and a number of other provinces nearby are famous for their orchards, which begin to bear fruit at the end of April and until June. So mangoes and pineapples, rambutans and lychees, durians and mangosteen will appear on the shelves of all shops for ridiculous money.


Despite a certain chance of rain during the month, the weather on Koh Chang in May is quite stable. More often, the morning sun is blazing with fire, but in the afternoon it is replaced by light cloudiness, in the evening or at night, small, intermittent rains at end of the month are possible.


White Sand Beach

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