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Weather on Koh Chang in March

March on Koh Chang ends a series of peak holiday months on the island. But it still firmly declares its rights to ideal weather: the sun is bright, the sea is warm, the sky is blue. By March, almost all small waterfalls in the jungle dry up completely on Koh Chang, and only a small stream remains from the most important of them - Klong Plu on Klong Prao beach. But if you are lucky, and some evening in March it will rain on the island, then do not miss the opportunity to go to the waterfall the next morning and refresh yourself with rainwater flowing from the primeval jungle of the island, and believe me, this trip is worth it!

Most often, by the end of the month, the number of tourists on the beaches of Koh Chang tends to a minimum, special offers and promotions begin to operate in hotels, and the thermometer confidently shows 33 in the shade - the perfect time!


Koh Chang Sea

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