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Weather on Koh Chang in June


Rain coming

In June, the rains come into their own style. The power of a tropical shower is captivating - you can enjoy it endlessly, but still, nature has its own schedule. Usually in the first half of the day the sun is shining, by lunchtime it is replaced by light clouds and by nightfall it starts to rain. The amount of precipitation is approaching 400 mm, but it is still very hot. Even in cloudy weather, tourists become owners of a chocolate tan, the Asian sun mercilessly does its job even through the clouds. At this time, some of the island's cafes and restaurants are closed (most of them will reopen in September-October), but you will not face difficulties with food, on the contrary: many establishments offer a special, summer menu.

From this month, hotels are launching promotions and special offers designed for domestic tourists, which means that in the coming low season months, every weekend, a large number of Thailand people will flock to the island.

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