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Weather on Koh Chang in July

July is the month of raging greenery. Still would! There is enough precipitation for a riot of colours and rich blooming of the entire island fauna. The average temperature in July is 32-34 degrees, and the amount of precipitation is 460-480 mm. Although the air humidity is high enough, it is still comfortable and does not cause any particular inconvenience for vacationers. It is at this time that the waterfalls of the island are filled with water and show themselves in all their glory. Be careful when planning your walks to the most beautiful waterfall in Ko Chang - Klong Plu, often the entrance to the territory is buried in the morning, due to the critical water level.

The sea at this time rarely pleases with calmness and turquoise radiance, currents bring noisy waves (and with them funny games for trained swimmers). This is the time for connoisseurs of the island: the best houses and hotels are free, there are no queues to massage parlours, excursion programs are still rich, but not crowded and pleasant.


July Green Paradise

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