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Weather on Koh Chang in December

One of the most comfortable months of the year: the heat does not tire, the nights are fresh and even cool. In December, it is rare to see clouds in the sky, and rain is even equated to a miracle. Every evening hundreds of tourists flock to the beaches of the island to enjoy the perfect island sunsets: the sun hides behind the horizon, captivating with rich tones, mid-tones and shades from bright red to deep blue.

During the day, the air temperature averages about 30 degrees in the shade, and up to 40 in the open sun. The water temperature is 26 degrees, the sea acquires a piercing turquoise colour and you can watch a colourful fish frolic in the shallow water right from the shore.

Reviews of the holiday on Koh Chang in December warn in advance to take care of the accommodation. Travellers are eager to book accommodation for the last month of the year more than eight months before arrival, while in six months the best hotel deals (especially in the last decade of December) have already been completely sold out. This is understandable: a large number of people want to celebrate Catholic Christmas and New Year in a tropical paradise. Koh Chang is still provincial, and the holidays are much quieter here than in Phuket or Samui, which is why families with children and lovers of a peaceful, relaxing holiday choose the island. Fans of noisy parties are always waiting for the numerous bars and discos of Koh Chang.


Beach on Koh Chang

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