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Weather on Koh Chang in April

April on the Koh Chang island is of interest to travellers from all over the world, not for its weather, but for another more unusual action - Songkran or Thailand New Year, before which any tropical rain in Asia fades. Surely many of you already know that this is a festival of water, marking the preparation for planting rice and the beginning of the new rainy season. These are the days of the immense joy of Thailand People, splashing out into five-day street dances, water battles and, literally, the time when all work in the country freezes. 

Meanwhile, the weather in April on Koh Chang practically does not differ from the three previous months and pleases every visitor of the island with sunny days, scorching sand and a complete lack of evening coolness. But believe us, when the temperature approaches its maximum of 35 degrees, you will be delighted with the saving cool drops in the middle of a sultry April day.

White Sand Beach 17.JPG

White Sand Beach

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