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Waterfalls on Koh Chang

Waterfall Koh Chang 3.jpg

Small Waterfall at Koh Chang

One of the attractions of Koh Chang Island, attracting many tourists from all over the world, are the waterfalls located throughout the island. Most of them are located away from the main road and hotels, so you will have to take a short walk in the jungle in order to find yourself on an island of freshness and coolness. You can get to the largest island waterfall Klong Plu, as well as some others, by yourself, while the rest refer to hiking routes that are inaccessible to tourists without a guide. During the rainy season, the waterfalls are filled with water, so the best time to visit them is considered to be the “green” season (from June to October). During the “high” season (November to March), most waterfalls dry up completely. If you decide to take a walk to the falls, be sure to wear comfortable sport shoes, pants and t-shirt. Admission to come for 2 biggest waterfalls is paid (Klong Plu and Than Mayom), but, a ticket for one waterfall worth 200 baht for an adult is also valid for other waterfall that you visit on the same day.

Klong Plu Waterfall

The most popular waterfall is Klong Plu, located on Klong Prao Beach and 3 km from the main road inland. At the end of a 2 km paved road, there is a waterfall ticket office, followed by an 800 meter walk along a jungle path. Klong Plu is the most convenient bathing waterfall on the island. One of its bowls in the deepest place reaches seven meters, and the waterfall also has a shallow entrance. The road to Klong Plu is open from 8.00 to 16.30. The entrance ticket costs 200 baht for adults. Near the ticket office you will find a small restaurants, camping areas and a toilet. You can get to the waterfall on foot (it will take about 40 minutes walk from the turn off the main road), on a rented scooter (there is a special free parking for visitors) or on the "songtew”(tuk-tuk). You can spend the whole day here swimming in the cool fresh water, jumping off cliffs into the water and sunbathing. A ranger is always on duty at the waterfall during the tourist season, responsible for the safety of visitors.

To diversify your trip to the waterfall and make it more extreme, read how to climb to the top of the waterfall. 

If you was at waterfall on the Klong Prao beach and swam in the cool waters of the natural lake formed at its foot, but few climbed to its top. Meanwhile, to be there, above, from where a wonderful view of the surrounding jungle opens, tourists swimming and sunbathing below, and even see the sea in the distance, is not so difficult. Way  begins right after the ticket office at the entrance, after the raised gate in the parking lot, turning to the right, you will see an asphalt road going up the hill, which is the beginning of the Nature trail, a forest trail created by local rangers, following which you can walk to the waterfall through the jungle , away from the eyes of ordinary tourists.

Than Mayom Waterfall

That waterfall considered the largest waterfall on the island in terms of water volume - Than Mayom. It is located in the centre of the east coast of the island near Dan Mai village. The waterfall is famous for the fact that the kings of Rama V, VI and VII visited here in due time, and their initials are engraved on the rock near the waterfall. 

The waterfall consists of 3 steps. The first, the most visited, is located not far from the ticket office, the next is 450 meters from it, and the last is at a distance around 2.5 km from the first. The road to the waterfall is open from 8.00 to 16.30. Also, for an additional fee (from 200 baht), if you have your own tent, you can buy a ticket for organising camping, spend the night and meet the sunrise at the waterfall.

Nang Yom

The waterfall is located in the depths of the village of Klong Son on the beach of the same name Klong Son, 4 kilometres from the main road. The waterfall consists of several cascades, the last of which is the most impressive. Way to last step around 1 hour on small track near river. Most of tourist stay on first 2 small waterfalls,

where you can swim and make good photos.

Klong Nonsi

This small waterfall, consisting of several cascades, is located near the central police station of Koh Chang island. In order to reach the waterfall, you will need to drive along a concrete road through the village of Dan Mai, followed by tropical gardens and rubber plantations.

Klong Nueng

This waterfall is the highest waterfall in Koh Chang, although there is not much water in it, and from November to March it completely dries. In order to get to the waterfall, you will need to drive to the southern tip of the east coast of the island-Salak Phet village, drive from the main road (about 3.5 km) to the waterfall and climb over a huge boulder.

Khiri Phet

Waterfall is located 2 km south of Salak Phet Village and 1.5 km from the main road.

During the “green” season, when the waterfalls are filled with water, you can only get to the first level of the waterfall, while in the “high” season there is an opportunity to climb to the seventh level of the waterfall and admire the breathtaking view of the Salak Phet village. When visiting the waterfall, you must wear comfortable shoes, as you have to go through the hevea plantations and the tropical jungle.

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