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Wat Khao Sukim 

Wat Khao Sukim is a forest temple in Chanthaburi province. 

If you are stay in Chanthaburi, you can go to Temple, it is located only 15 kilometres from the main road Sukhumvit. It is necessary to lay at least an hour and a half for the inspection of the temple, plus a check-in, so if you leave at 7-8 in the morning, then the journey to the temple falls harmoniously in the middle of the day.

Travellers, lovers of Thailand, compare this temple with another, also located on a hill, though a thousand kilometres away - Doi Sutep, in the northern province of Chiang Mai, considered one of the most visited authentic temples in the Kingdom.


Travellers know this temple as a monastery institute built in 1966 and teaching meditation techniques. The school also accepts foreigners to study, so some come here to focus on the meaning of life and self-improvement for several weeks. But this is not what attracts most tourists to Wat Khao Sukim - over the forty years of the complex's existence, thousands of antiques and antiques from all over Thailand have been collected here as gifts and offerings.

The complex's car park is at the foot of the hill and there are two roads leading to the main relic buildings at the top. Due to the abundance of tourists, at their request, a funicular was built, which will easily lift up all comers who easily want to explore the territory. Well, adventure lovers will have a staircase of exactly three hundred steps, and the Thailand people believe that if you walk through each and correctly count their number, then all the aspirations made before the ascent will come true.


In four halls on the hill, you will find countless Thailand vases painted with classic colourful dragons and bizarre patterns of nature, glass trees with appetising marble fruits in the form of apples and peaches, hundreds of statues, figurines, and of course thousands of everyday things of the laity, ranging from old phones and TV, ending with sets of dishes and kitchen sets.

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View Point at Chanthaburi

Two dozen wax monks who have made an invaluable contribution to the development of Theravada Buddhism in Thailand over the past century and who now illuminate us with their holy presence are considered to be a special asset here - parishioners sit down with them, as if alive, and pray for relatives and friends.


The terrace of the main building offers a wonderful panoramic view of the adjacent forests, green fields of neighbouring villages, and the central hill, looking around, you see another special place - Khao Khitchakut.

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