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Trat Thailand is the easternmost province of the Kingdom with the central city of the same name. At the beginning of the twentieth century, during the French-Thai War, Trat and the neighbouring province of Chanthaburi were captured and colonised, but after a few years were exchanged by generals for the western parts of Cambodia and Siem Reap, which at that time were part of Siam. That is why in these two Thai areas you can still find signs of colonisation trends - Catholic churches and small colonial buildings that are randomly built within each of the cities.

Koh Chang Beach and Sea 3.jpg

Beach at Trat Province

The symbols of the province are the Khao Banhat mountain chain with cardamom forests that define the natural border of Thailand with Cambodia in this part of the country, as well as an almond tree that grows here in almost every home.

Of course, the region's residents are also proud of the main local souvenir,

Ngop Nam Chiao, a traditional woven palm sun hat.

In Trat there are two markets that are significant for the city - one, a covered market, right next to the main square. It is unlikely that a tourist will find here anything for his own use, but if you have free time, you should look here, look at the life of local residents, and another market, evening food and food market.

In the suburb of Trat Thailand, there is the only airport within a radius of 150 km, which serves the majority of tourists visiting Koh Kood and Koh Chang. 

Black sand beach, is located near the village of Laem Ngop on the mainland, near the piers of Koh Chang. 

This mangrove forest is usually visited by Thailand people, so the locals will be surprised at your appearance. The entrance to the park on stilts is free. The trail goes through the mangroves for several kilometres and goes to the sea and the views of Koh Mak and Koh Chang, here you can see a beach with black sand - it is impossible to swim here, it is still dirty, but you can make the great photos.

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