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To Koh Chang with Children

It is not only possible, but also necessary to travel to the Kingdom with children. Each parent seeks to open a new world for their child, bright, full of impressions and emotions, which should be more than enough until the next vacation. Thailand strives for the ideal in this regard: delicious and varied food, a huge amount of fruits, which can be bought literally on every corner, and an incredible amount of entertainment that will please even the smallest ones. And the most important thing is the friendly atmosphere of the country of "a thousand smiles", a feeling of benevolence and, which is important, safety.

Let's start our opus on the path, it all depends on the preparation of your child: someone endures a long flight quite calmly, sleeps and looks at colourful pictures in dreams, and for some children this is a big problem. Here we always recommend that you take care in advance, bring interesting cartoons, books and colouring books with you, check if the airline has special games for children, and what preferences they can provide you.

Kids on Koh Chang 3.jpg

Kid on the Beach

If you order a transfer with us at Siamese.Tours, if you need a personal carriage (that is, a private transfer) and you are used to using a child seat, you must make an order for it. By the way, in Thailand, the use of child seats is not necessary, which means that it is difficult to see a specially equipped car in the country - but we are always ready to help you, you just need to think in advance about the comfort of the trip. It is free for our customers.

Having reached the paradise islands, an urgent question arises - how to feed children, young and old. With the advent of civilization to Koh Chang, it became much easier to find infant formula and mashed potatoes: at your service there is a large supermarkets. In these stores there is a large selection, there are juices for children and a variety of dairy products. In smaller markets (like Seven-eleven or Lotus), the choice of baby food is very limited, finding something worthwhile is not easy, but possible. But there is plenty of sweets, caramels, waffles and sweet soda. If your child is an exceptional gourmet, we recommend stocking up on food in your historical homeland, so you will protect yourself from many unpleasant moments such as allergies, lack of necessary mixtures, and so on.

We go further: cafes and restaurants. There are enough of them on the island, for every taste, wallet. There are Italians with pizza and pasta, Englishmen with burgers and beer, Germans, French, Japanese restaurants. It can be difficult to choose, there is almost always a children's menu, while the owners are hospitable people and will never refuse to prepare a special lunch for the baby. It is a little more difficult in local restaurants with traditional Thai cuisine: the food can be unusually spicy. Write down the password "may pet" - which means no pepper, and the whole family enjoy fried rice, tom yam and pad thaw. 

Koh Chang Beach! A place where you and your child are waiting for a few more tasks that need to be solved while still packing your suitcase. Do not forget to carefully pack toys for children (buckets, shovels and other equipment for the production of Easter cakes on an industrial scale), as well as inflatable rings, vests, mattresses. 

kids on the beach.jpg

Kid on the beach

It is very important to protect offspring from the sun. We recommend to use Thailand style, Coconut Oil 30-40min before you go to the street on all body. 

NOTE need to waiting when skin will dry, next go to the street. 

And Aloe Vera Gel in evening, when you come to home. After sunbathing, be sure to shower and use products containing a high percentage of Aloe Vera. If the sun turned out to be stronger and won the war for tanning, and the injured side, having received burns, surrendered, again, Aloe Vera will save (on wet skin with a thick layer several times a day), within a couple of days and everything will pass. Please, not forget about time, sun is very active here from 12-00pm up to 15-00pm.

Another topical issue is insects (all sorts of yellow biters, sand flies and other unpleasant representatives of the Koh Chang fauna). In any (this is the absolute truth - in any) store on the island there is always a whole range of remedies for insect bites (both before and after), local remedies protect well enough, are inexpensive and convenient to use. But you should be careful if your child is allergic - in this case it is better to take "proven" repellents with you. It happens that even with proper protection, children are bitten (delicate baby skin is more susceptible to any kind of bite) - and now the whole body is decorated with red spots that constantly itch and cause discomfort. What to do? Take the child in an armful and run to the nearest pharmacy, there you show the battle wounds to the pharmacist and get the cherished tubes with a life-saving remedy.

If you have suspicions of a snake or scorpion bite (underline the necessary), you need to run to the hospital. This happens extremely rarely. Nevertheless, we highly recommend that you take care of buying extended insurance for children and in no case rely on "maybe": children are much more active, more likely to be susceptible to food poisoning, allergies, colds and exacerbations of chronic diseases due to a sharp change in climate. As for special vaccinations, it is not worth doing them immediately before the trip (the immune system may not be ready for such innovations). The island has been a malaria-free zone for many years, and no other tropical diseases have been identified. Most of the medicines can be bought on the island (paracetamol, aspirin, bandages, plasters, etc.), but if you need special medicines, it is important to take them with you in sufficient quantities. It’s not great to be on a tropical island, cut off from the continent, without a life-saving medicine. If your first aid kit contains pills that require a doctor's prescription, it is best to bring this with you as well. Do not get sick and take care of yourself and your children.

kids on waterfall 3.jpg

Kid in mountain river

Sometimes in large stores there are samples of Japanese production. It is reasonable to take diapers with you only if your child is a happy owner of the most delicate skin. Children's cosmetics: shampoos, gels, soaps, toothpaste - everywhere, but even here it is worth being careful, it can be with a whitening effect. Finally, the most interesting part of the holiday is entertainment! You can also safely go for a walk around the five islands (but, just in case, stock up on motion sickness pills, they are in any pharmacy) - as a rule, children easily endure the day at sea, especially if they are carried away by interesting games and stories about fish. You can discover the amazing underwater world for your child and go diving. Or you can climb the peak of the Koh Chang island, because in a healthy body there is a healthy mind. Girls are often interested in Thai cuisine lessons, and boys are often interested in fishing (it is especially interesting to go hunting for sea predators and enjoy the caught barracuda in the darkness of the night).

Sunset on Koh Chang9.jpg

Sunset on Koh Chang

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