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Teak Wood in Thailand

If you have ever looked through stores to buy furniture, then you have probably seen more than once offers for the sale of teak. Teak is one of the most expensive types of wood. Why is that? It is appreciated for its elegance and durability - the tree is practically resistant to all types of fungi and parasites, it can be for many years in the scorching sun or in heavy rain and will not lose its properties.

The high rubber content (over 5%) in teak wood gives it the natural shine for which these products are so valued. Teak also captivates with its colour - as the trunk grows, the dark olive layers of wood turn into light tones, which can often be seen on the cut.

The first mention of the use of teak in decoration dates back to the 7th century AD. Even in those days, the tree was used only in the construction of the palaces of the "powerful".

Teak is a tropical tree, so it is mainly grown in Southeast Asia - Thailand, Mianmar and Malaysia, and in Indonesia teak cultivation and furniture production is generally completely under government control.


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Teak products in Thailand can be found not only in places of its production, namely in the north, in the area of Chiang Mai, but also in other areas - for example, in our native provinces of Trad and Chanthaburi. Several shops are open on Highway 3 on the outskirts of Klang City. Here you can buy not massive interior items, such as tables and chairs, but even small accessories - a mailbox, a plate or a stand for business cards.

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