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Small Tour Around Bangkok

- In temples, you must dress according to the rules. Choosing long pants and shirts with long sleeve (not shorts or T-shirts - this is important).

- It is customary to take off your shoes, if you are worried, bring your socks.

- Take with you a bottle of water.

- Grab is an analogue of Uber, using every time in Bangkok for transfers.

- We never take tuk-tuk. Expensive, unsafe, hot, dusty.

- Moto-taxi (local motosai) is bold, but interesting. We ask for a helmet, the average price is from 20 to 80 baht. Ideal for one person. The drivers always don't speak English.

-  Expensive jewellery, gold - diamonds - we take it off, leave it at the hotel (in the safe). 

- Camera, phone battery, portable battery - we charge as much as possible.

- We use google maps. If you have not yet bought a SIM card with the Internet, we are buying it (this is convenient). If we don't want to buy, please using offline trackers.

Don't forget to download the maps in advance.

- Preparing for the excursion, reading about the places that we will visit.

Google and Wikipedia are always helpful.

- Take your ID or copy.


Bangkok City View

Royal Palace, Grand Palace

For a taxi: วัด พระ แก้ว

Price per ticket: 500 thb (we keep the ticket).

Working hours: 08.30 - 15.30. Visit time: 45 minutes - 2 hours.

Advice: You can be deceived - it is better not to take a local guide, and if they say that the museum is not working today, we do not believe it. The temple complex card is given along with the tickets.

1782 - construction began under King Rama I.

The royal family does not live in the palace.

On the territory there are temples, pagodas, museums, galleries, libraries. You don't need to look at everything in a row - choose something interesting, the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Keo temple) was discovered in 1434 in Chiang Rai, initially the sculpture was hidden under a layer of clay. The Emerald Buddha is actually green jadeite. The sculpture is changed three times a year - according to the weather.

On the territory there is an exact reduced copy of the Angkor Wat. 

In the Queen Sirikit Museum: Thai silk, textiles, fabric production, and national costumes. The air conditioner is working.

Temple of the Reclining Buddha WAT PHO

For taxis: วัด โพธิ์.

Price per ticket: 200 thb.

Working hours: 8.00 - 18.30.

Visit time: 1 hour.

Advice: Walk exactly 3 minutes from the Royal Palace. Be sure to go here for a massage: we are looking for a Thai massage sign and go in the indicated direction, the massage should only be on the territory of the temple itself (this is important).

The ashes of Rama I are kept in the main temple.

The length of the Buddha statue is 45 meters, the height is 15 meters.

The feet are 3 meters long and have 108 ornaments.

The name of the pose in which the Buddha is - "reclining Buddha in anticipation of nirvana."

4 stupas - 4 reigns of the Chakri Dynasty.

The height of the stupas is 42 meters, each stupa has its own colour.

On the territory of the temple complex there are 4 meeting rooms and 95 stupas, there is a gallery with 400 Buddha statues.

It is believed that the art of Thai massage originated here.

The real Thai massage is here. The Thai massage school (one of the best in the country) is also here.

From the Temple of the Reclining Buddha we go to the pier.

For passers-by: ท่าเรือ เตียน.

At the pier, we ask any Thailand people Wat Arun - they will help you get on the ferry and get to the opposite bank of the Chaopraya River. 

Ferry: 4 thb.

Bangkok View 5.jpg
Temple of the morning dawn

For taxis: วัด อรุณ.

Price per ticket: 50 thb.

Working hours: 08.30 - 18.00.

Visit time: 30-60 minutes.

Tip: You don't have to buy a ticket, the territory of the temple is free for walking. For 50 baht you can climb up - highly recommended.

If you are hungry or tired, there are many nice cafes nearby.

There are no exact data on the height of the stupa, from 70 to 100 meters.

The stupa is the prototype of the sacred mountain Mera.

The Emerald Buddha was kept here.

Bangkok City View

Golden Mountain WAT SAKET

For taxis: ภูเขาทอง.

Price per ticket: 50 thb.

Working hours: 07.30 - 17.30.

Visit time: 1 hour.

Tip: Be sure to go upstairs - the view of Bangkok is stunning. There is a fort next to the mountain, from which there is a white fortress wall. Take a walk there.

The height of the temple on the Golden Mountain is 76 meters.

The temple is located on an artificially created mountain.

The mountain personifies one of the symbols of Buddhism - Mount Meru.

At the end of the 19th century, the temple was used for cremation.

Bangkok city view 7.jpg

Bangkok City View

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