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Repairing a motorbike on Koh Chang island 

Not as difficult as it sounds, just call to local Mechanic

Almost every second traveler on the Koh Chang island takes a motorbike for rent, but no one really knows where to fix it.

Of course, on Koh Chang, every popular beach has at least one garage, where locals will change the camera in the wheel or recharge the battery for a similar 150-200 baht. But in most cases, no one knows the location of these places, and breakdowns usually occur far from them.

But in Thailand, there is an easy solution for almost every inconvenient situation, the main thing is to know it. In our case, a mechanic has been living and working on the island for many years, who will drive up to the specified place at any moment of the day or evening and fix the motorbike, no matter what is broken - this is his job.

Most of you, of course, do not know Thailand language for negotiations with a peasant, but this can also be solved - you just call his Thailand number +66811514835 and answer the phone to any Thailand people passing by, explaining the problem with the scooter in sign language - and through For 20-30 minutes, the mechanic will already bring your bike into proper shape.

Thailand, and Ko Chang in particular, is a very friendly place in all its forms.

Motorbike on Koh Chang 4.jpg
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