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Piers on the Koh Chang

Bicycle on Koh Chang3 .jpg

On Koh Chang Pier

It cannot be said, of course, that there are a lot of piers on the eastern (non-touristy) side of the Island, but there will be three or four.

Their peculiarity is the simplest - they are practically not used for their intended purpose. Few people park boats or yachts near them, so more often here you can see locals fishing or swimming.

Do not hesitate to stop at one of these piers when traveling on a motorbike or car around Chang, jump into clear water and swim around. Just get out more carefully - at the water's edge, stone slabs are overgrown with cutting shells.

One pier is located in the vicinity of the village of Dan Mai, another a couple of kilometres after it, and two more - in the village of Salak Phet and Jek Bae.

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