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Mangrove Trail in Salak Phet

Mangrove Forest 4.jpg

There are only two such trails for walking on Koh Chang, and both are located in the south of the east coast of the island.

The trail in Salak Phet is easy to find - in the village, next to the large Buddhist temple Wat Salak Phet, on the main road, right after the temple there will be a concrete turn to the left, across a narrow river. Some craftsman has placed small signs "mangrove trail" along the entire length of the path, thanks to him, so it will be difficult to get lost here.

Note that the described trail in Salak Phet is of more modern construction than in Salak Khok, the flooring of the path is made of wooden planks, while the other trail is completely concrete.

It is impossible to say which trail is better and more beautiful, but if you reach the end of this trail, then at the end you will have a panoramic view of the sea. In general, we recommend visiting both of them, it's beautiful here.

Salak Phet Mangrove 

View from Salak Phet trail view point 5.

View from Salak Phet Trail View Point

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