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Mangrove Trail at Salak Khok

If you have already managed to see all the tourist attractions of Koh Chang, this does not mean that there is nothing more interesting on the island. Even the locals do not know everything and have not been everywhere. One such site is the mangrove trail in Salak Khok village. More precisely, there are two such trails - the other is in the village of Salak Phet.

Let's get it straight - mangroves and shrubs have nothing to do with mangoes. These trees do not produce any (tasty) fruit other than their own seeds. These trees can be identified by the developed root system, which raises the tree trunk above the water. Also, most of these trees grow in silted coastal areas directly in the water.

In general, from the point of view of the layman, mangroves are a useless thing, and, one might say, harmful - they take up a lot of area, do not give a "tangible" result, and pesky flies and mosquitoes are found in the swampy areas of mangroves.But from the point of view of nature conservation and ecology, this is a real find.

Salak Khok Mangrove on Boats 3.jpg

Boat Trip at Mangroves

At the moment, more than half of the mangroves around the world have already been lost due to the forced development of territories. This is why Mu Ko Chang National Park is so proud that there is something left here.

Mangroves protect soils from erosion and coastal shores from destruction. The habitats of these plants create a special ecosystem in which a number of industrial fish and crabs develop. Some of these representatives are horseshoe crabs and red mangrove crabs. Trees survive in salty soils deprived of oxygen - yes, they are real heroes of our time!

Plus, do not forget that the landscapes of such thickets are picturesque and very beautiful - a photograph from such a place will always delight both the eye and the heart.

Visit the trails on the east side of Koh Chang.

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