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Koh Chang, how to Relax at Tropical Paradise

Koh Chang is an amazing place. Everything that a tourist who chooses a beach vacation can look for is waiting here: the warm sea, delicious coconuts, and a chocolate tan. Everything that Thailand has to offer and everything that you love - with Siamese.Tours! Koh Chang is, first of all, the seclusion of the island, here you can lie under a palm tree all day and wet your feet in the Gulf of Thailand without thinking about anything. Koh Chang is the sun, endless, hot and passionate. When summer in Europe and United States officially announces its retirement, everything is just beginning here. In September, the rainy season gradually fades away, and winter is the hottest Thai season here at all. And although (officially) the air temperature is almost the same all year round, at a time when the homeland is confidently covered with snow, all the clouds are confidently parting over the island, and the sun is playfully splashing on the waves.

Sunset on Koh Chang 11.jpg

Sunset on Koh Chang

Find good air travel

Koh Chang is, of course, far away. But it's really worth the flight. If you are looking for direct flights (which is very convenient) or a flight with comfortable transfers - there is one important rule - the sooner the better. This means that the cheapest tickets are bought in advance. The convenience of modern technologies makes our life much easier - use specialised systems for a systematic search for tickets. Do not be afraid of connections with Arabian Airlines, such tickets are always cheaper, but try to choose one airline for the whole journey - this will insure you against unforeseen events (flight delays or cancellations). And return tickets: they should be bought right away. Firstly, they are often asked when entering Thailand, and secondly, a round trip will always be cheaper. And finally, the last secret - look for discounts and special offers on the official websites of airlines!

Getting to Koh Chang
Beach on Koh Chang 5.heic

You are in Bangkok, but this is not the end point of your route. Ahead of 350 kilometres (including ferry) to sandy beaches and fresh seafoods. In order you can use a private transfer or collective transfer, you can order a ticket from Siamese.Tours - a minibus picks you up from 08.00 from hotels in the city centre, at 11.00 from Suvarnabhumi airport, and delivers to a hotel on the island, without additional transfers and without any surcharges. 

Private transfer can pick up you from 02-00am in night up to 14-00pm in day anytime.

More information check here.

Beach on Koh Chang

Find good housing on the Island

IMPORTANT! From December 15 to January 15, Koh Chang is the peak season, it is at this time that hotel prices skyrocket and it will not be so easy to have an economical rest.

In addition, it is at this time that it is difficult to find accommodation, people from all over the world seek to pamper themselves during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

And most importantly, the private sector on the island is limited, please book your New Year stay on the island at least six months in advance.

Therefore, we advise you to choose October for cheap recreation, if you are not particularly dependent on the vacation schedule, school holidays and other misfortunes of a modern person. It is in October that the weather is already good enough, and housing prices are still attractive. In addition, Koh Chang at this time is still quite calm, only rare backpackers, and retirees will meet you on the beach. At any other time, you can also save. One of the options is to abandon the hotel and rent a house in the private sector. This, unfortunately, is not so convenient: often the bungalow does not have a kitchen (and if there is a kitchen, it happens that there are no dishes), there is no ready-made breakfast to choose from, and cleaning is not done as often as we would like. And again - a trump card from the sleeve! Look for promotions in different hotels, special offers are launched by different hotels quite often.

Choose tours on Koh Chang

If you own a bike, you can easily explore the entire island on your own.

And if the bike is too extreme for you, a car for rent is a worthy replacement.

It is important to drive quietly, accurately and adequately assess your driving skills. You are need driving license for that.

You can order a private trip around island with our car and driver.

You can find a huge amount of useful information on our website, for the most curious we are always available: you can write to us. Be sure to take care of your insurance in advance. In addition, we strive to provide all excursions on Koh Chang. 

Sunset Koh Chang 4.jpg

Sunset on Koh Chang

Choose perfect food

This, by the way, is the easiest! And there is only one secret - never be afraid of street food and local restaurants. You just need to know the good places.  You can also cook at home, this is an option for those who have chosen to rent a house and can find staff.

Beef Carpaccio Koh Chang.jpg

Fried Beef Koh Chang Style

What to take with you to Koh Chang

Money and documents. We remind you once again, please get medical insurance.

You can buy local Thailand Insurance or using your own insurance.

We recommend to make Thailand debit card in SuperRich centre in Bangkok. They have branch in Suvarnabhumi Airport. Usually, Thailand Bank not happy for open account for tourists. SuperRich is the best way now for receive debit card with Thailand Baht, you can take money without commission from any ATM in Thailand and pay anywhere who receive card payment.

What to bring from Koh Chang

Sure, Fruits and Cosmetics! Seasonal passionfruit or lychee, exotic jackfruit, herring, mangosteen, mango or rambutans - taste madness awaits you in Thailand. Cosmetics and coconut oil. 

Thailand clothing. In Koh Chang have only one real shop with local products, woman clothing store “Fashion Koh Chang” the best Thailand brands in one place.

Tea, Thailand coffee and spices you can find in coffee shop “My Coffee” in Klong Son Village.

Koh Chang Beach and Sea 3.jpg

Beach on Koh Chang Island

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