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Koh Chang Beaches

Officially, Koh Chang is divided into northern and southern administrative parts, but tourists divide it in their own way - into western and eastern. The western coast is full of white beaches, many hotels, cafes and restaurants, and almost all of the sandy beaches of Koh Chang are located on the western side of the island. The east coast is absolutely charming, it consists mainly of rocky and pebble beaches and is not built up with hotels, but most of the waterfalls are located here. Below we will tell only about the beaches of the western part of the island, where most of the tourists go. The description of the beaches is given according to the distance from the Koh Chang piers - from north to south. Keep in mind that there are no public sun loungers on any beach on the island, which is not a problem at all, as many people prefer to use their own towels and bedding. The article below describes the infrastructure and geography of beaches, the location of hotels and shops.

Klong Son
White Sand Beach View Point 2.JPG

White Sand Beach View Point

Klong Son Bay and the fishing village of the same name are located

in the northern part of Koh Chang Island.

Klong Son Bay is located immediately after a small hill stretched towards the sea at the Ao Sapparot pier, where the vast majority of tourists from the continent stay.

Here is the Chinese temple Saan Chao Phor, in which, according to legend, the spirit of the island of Ko Chang dwells. Also off the coast of Klong Son there are two small islands: Koh Chang Noi and Koh Ma Pring.

If you wish, you can rent a kayak or boat from the hotels and explore the mangroves of these islands. 4 km from the junction with 7-eleven on the main road, deep in the jungle, there is the Nang Yom waterfall, which dries up from November to April.

On the seashore there are hotels and villa complexes. Klong Son has local cafes, one BIgC and two 7-Eleven mini markets, fruit stalls and markets that are open and available throughout the day and evening.

Also here you will find only one real woman clothing store on island "Fashion Koh Chang" and the best island coffee shop “My Coffee”, the office of the national park, from the parking of which you can enjoy an ideal view of the strait of the island and the Buddhist temple Wat Klong Son.

Klong Son has golf course available for play - in the Siam Royal View Villas complex in Koh Chang.

A Driving along the road through the serpentines towards White Sand Beach, you can have an unforgettable experience and meet wild monkeys on the road. 

Koh Chang Beaches 3.JPG

Beaches Koh Chang

White Sand Beach
White Sand Beach Koh Chang Thailand 15.J

White Sand Beach

You will see the Thai name of the beach in guidebooks and on maps more than once - Haad Sai Khao (Khad Sai Khao).

Previously, this beach bore the proud title of the best beach in Koh Chang,

but now this title is contested by others - wild Waichek and imposing Lonely Beach.

With a length of 6 km, the white sands beach is the most popular and developed on the island.

If you are interested in snorkeling, then mask and snorkel will be happy to visit the coral reef of the beach - at the Koh Chang Hut Hotel. It is on this beach that you will find such a variety of restaurants that you will not find on any other. The beach is completely built up by hotels and cafes - from the northernmost part (White Sand beach resort and KC Grande resort) to the southern part (Chang Buri resort).  If you go up on foot or on a scooter along the road towards the first Klong Son beach, then here you will find an observation deck with a mesmerising view of the coast. 

The abundance of restaurants and discos, cafes and shops, combined with the proximity of the sea and the Thai village of Ban Haad Sai Kao, make this beach the most visited among tourists. A variety of Spa-Centres, small bars with live music and billiards, 7-Eleven and Thai shops will allow you to spend your leisure time to your liking. Commercial hospital Koh Chang International Hospital and just opposite it there is a small observation deck. 

Pearl Beach

Pearl beach or, in Thai language, Haad Kai Mook (Khad Kai Muk) can be called one of the quietest beaches on Koh Chang.

It consists of two small bays with a total length of about 700 meters, and the main road runs half a kilometre from the beach line.

There are not many cafes or 7-Eleven shops, only a few local restaurants, a grocery store and a fruit shop. But this beach can rightfully be called a shopping beach - at its beginning on the main road there is a Lotus supermarket, and practically opposite a BigC supermarket.

The beach got its name ("pearl") because of the unforgettable views of the sunsets observed from the pebble shore. A particularly good place for them to meet is on the cliff. There are also small coral reefs scattered in the water that are good for snorkelling. There is a only one local post office on Pearl beach, where you can send a postcard home for only 20 baht .

Unfortunately, or fortunately, Pearl Beach is a rocky beach, so it does not attract dozens of tourists. 

Chaichet Beach
White Sand Beach Thailand 6.jpg

Chaichet Bay is ideal for swimming, fishing from the shore and watching the sunsets.

In general, Chaichet are part of Klong Prao, it’s very beginning, but few know about it.

In the centre of Chaichet Beach is VJ Island View resort - one of the oldest hotels on Koh Chang Island. Next to it is the VJ plaza shopping complex, which consists of cafes, restaurants, the Money exchanger, a branch of the Siam Commercial bank and a V-Mart supermarket. 

Koh Chang Beaches

Klong Prao

Klong Prao Beach is located 14 km from the Ao Sapparot pier and is divided into three parts - a river channel in the central part and a river mouth in the south.

Here you will find quiet white beaches, where there are no noisy bars and cafes.

An asphalt road leads to the Klong Plu waterfall from the intersection from the carriageway, half an hour walk to it. You can visiting Thai local markets here, so if you hear the noise of Thai karaoke in the evening, then know that this is it, and be sure to visit it, the spirit of the village flavour is guaranteed!

The central part of Klong Prao beach is considered to be the most developed in terms of infrastructure. There is a many stores, all kinds of local cafes. Also in this part of the island is the Wat Klong Prao Temple - one of the many Buddhist temples on Ko Chang.  The southern part of the Klong Prao beach is a beach with coconut trees, separated on one side from the hotel by a narrow river, through which you can wade, and from the Kai Bay beach in the south, by a rocky coast and coral where you can see fishermen with spinning rods in the evenings. 

Sunset at Koh Chang Thailand 2.JPG

Sunset on Koh Chang Beach

Kai Bae
Koh Chang Beach Thailand 5.jpg

Recently, Kai Bae has been considered one of the most attractive beaches on the island. Hotels are located on the shores of a turquoise lagoon, which in some places is covered with coral with tropical fish living in it. The islands of Koh Man Nai and Koh Yuak, located opposite Kai Bae beach, can be reached by kayak in half an hour, where you will be left alone with a desert island, coral beaches and a couple more tourists seeking tropical oblivion.

Here you will find restaurants, bank branches, local cafes and small shops. If you climb the road up the hill towards Lonely beach, you will see the observation deck of Koh Chang (Kai Bae View Point)- with stunning views of the sea, adjacent islands and beautiful sunsets. 

Rock sand on Koh Chang

Lonely Beach

Lonely beach. Lonely beach. It was here in the mid-90s that the first travellers began to come, who opened Koh Chang to the tourist world.

In those days, the asphalt road ended at Kai Bay Beach in front of the hills and serpentines, and you could only get to the beach from the Kai Bae Hut pier by boat, so this beach was called the "lonely" Lonely Beach.

It stretches for several kilometres, the southern part of which rests on the village of Bailan. Descending from the north side - you will capture the amazing views of the sea and the southern beaches of the island.

There are no 7-Eleven supermarkets on Lonely, but you will find its local counterpart - Thai 7-days. Almost the entire beach is occupied by bungalows on stilts , which are the haven of most tourists.

At the same time, it is here that a cheerful European youth company, many local cafes and restaurants are provided. The most "hot" discos are here.

In sunny and dry weather, wild monkeys emerge from the jungle on the main road of Lonely Beach, digging in garbage dumps or simply scurrying along power lines, so take photos carefully, monkeys are greedy for everything shiny and bright. Advertising posters prohibit feeding the little brothers, because in recent years they often get hit by the wheels of cars, communicating with unlucky tourists parking right on the roadway. 

Bailan Bay

Bailan bay or Bailan beach - one of the quietest and most peaceful places on the island of Koh Chang. Few people get to this beach after White Send and Kai Bae, but, paradoxically, the Mercure Hotel is located here - a luxury hotel with turquoise pools on the seashore. The location of the beach itself is convenient - in the north of it there is a European get-together, and in the south - the fishing village of Bang Bao. There are local cafes, restaurants and ATM here.

White Sand Beach Koh Chang Thailand

Koh Chang Beaches

Bang Bao Village
Koh Chang rainy 4.jpg

Bang Bao is the most famous fishing village on Koh Chang island. The village of Bang Bao itself is located along a pier stretching far into the sea - hear all the shops, restaurants and bungalows are on stilts. The closest sandy beach is Klong Kloi beach. Near the pier there are local cafes, a 7-Eleven store, and most of the diving centre offices are also located here. If you want to shop for little things reminiscent of the island, the fishing pier is worth a visit. Here, in a small bazaar, you will find traditional Thai magnets, clothes, paintings and jewellery. At the beginning of the pier they sell dried fruits and fish, which are souvenirs from the island of Koh Chang. 

Rain come to Koh Chang

Klong Kloi Beach

The sandy Klong Kloi beach is located behind the Bang Bao pier.

You can reach it on a rented scooter or songtaew, driving along the main road of the island for 2 kilometres straight along the road, without turning to Bang Bao pier.

Pristine beaches, fine sand, blue water and palm trees literally make you forget about everything in the world. If you like snorkelling among soft corals, tropical fish and sea urchins, then you should come here at least once. Small local shops and cafes won't leave anyone hungry.

Long Beach and Naval Monument

Lonely Sandy Beaches on East side of Koh Chang Island.

If you want to see the real beaches without many tourists,

you are welcome. 

Naval Monument only one coral beach at Koh Chang Island.

Koh Chang Beach 1.JPG

Naval Monument Beach

Wai Check Beach

Is there a sandy beach on Koh Chang where you can swim naked, away from tourists and other spectators? There is - this is the wild Wai Chek Beach.

Here, along the sandy strip by the sea in the bay, there is a long row of coconut trees with hanging fruits.

The beach is still a secret and can be reached by wading through the jungle along a small path or by hiring a punt boat from the nearby Klong Kloi Beach. 


Koh Chang Beaches

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