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Khao Khitchakut

Mount Khao Khitchakut is located 20 km from the city of Chanthaburi.

According to local beliefs, there is an imprint of Buddha's foot on a stone at the top, and a pilgrimage to the top will be equated with a meeting of a believer with Buddha face to face. Thousands of people climb here every month, especially in February-March, which is the ideal time for a religious visit to the mountain before Maha Puja.

The hill is surrounded on different sides by three waterfalls, the most famous of which is Crating, a visit to which we recommend. Consisting of 13 levels and surrounded by literally impenetrable jungle, the waterfall will refresh everyone with its waters

after a tiring hike to the peak.

A dusty road leads to the top, but even Thailand people are not allowed here by personal transport. Specially licensed jeeps stand in the parking lot at the entrance next to the ticket office and for 100 baht will take everyone to the top. The trail to Khao Prabat peak also begins next to it and the small temple of Pluang, and, winding through the jungle for 9 km, will lead seekers directly to the peak at 1085 m.


Another feature of the shrine is that people are not allowed to visit the main sights upstairs with candles and incense, yellow saffron petals and pink buds can be bought at the entrance next to the ticket office for 20 baht. therefore, at the top you will see only paths and stones completely covered with flowers. The vicinity of the summit is called Pa Deng, which by its name suggests that luck will favour those travellers who come

to the summit with a red garment.


The summit of Khao Khitchakut usually sinks in the clouds. The boulders resemble the outlines of an elephant, a turtle, a stone pagoda, and under one of them there is a dwelling for hermits. But the most interesting thing begins further - at the most revered of them, hanging one side over the abyss, on the left you will see a small stone staircase attached to the stone. So this is not a staircase, but a natural stone in itself, and not separated from the main thing, but being a part of it. And on the right side, also absolutely naturally, the outlines of a sitting Buddha appear on the stone.


The most curious thing is that

Thailand people come here not only to make a wish at the top of the largest holy boulder

Khao Khitchakut,

but also to thank the mountains for making their wishes come true ...

which means that your prayers will be heard.

If you are staying here,

be sure to try the local Chanthaburi cuisine in the cafes - Cha Muang pork curry

and fried vegetables with cardamon pepper.

Buddha Temple in Chanthaburi

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