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Insurance in Thailand
What is important to know?


In Thailand have 2 type of Hospitals, Government and Private. Price is totally different. You can come to both of them. 

When buying insurance policy, be sure to take into account the conditions of insurance, this will make your life much easier when an insured event occurs.

Pay attention to the deductible. And most importantly, no insurance covers accidents on a motorbike if the option "sports" or "outdoor activities" has not been selected, which means that if you plan to cross the Thailand streets on a bike, be sure to pay attention to this.

Do not forget that insurance company require an international or local driving license of the corresponding category in the implementation of an insured event. But that's not all, when an insured event occurs, you are sent for examination, and if you fail the “alcohol test”, you will have to pay the bill for hospital services yourself.

What to do when an insured event occurs?

Finally, what to do? For first call the insurance company at any number listed on your insurance policy, they will instruct you and tell you in detail which hospital to go to. It is imperative to have a policy with you (or a copy of it, and sometimes it is enough just to show a picture on a smartphone screen) and a passport. Always check with the insurance company which costs will be covered.

What do you need to remember?

There are other situations - the hospital, regardless of the receipt of a letter of guarantee, requires a certain amount of money. It happens that sometimes the hospital leaves your passport as a deposit - until the full payment for the treatment is received.

Also, pay attention to such a clause in the terms of the contract as "home remedies". 

Usually Thailand Insurance Company pay for that. 

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