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How to get to Koh Chang


Beach on Koh Chang

Are you determined to relax on Koh Chang? The right decision! But the question is how to get to the tropical island. Everything is quite simple: there is a flight option, there are ground options. But there is no sea connection between Koh Chang and other resorts in Thailand (such as Pattaya, Koh Samui, Phuket, etc.). Koh Chang have only transfer with local islands like Ko Mak, Koh Kood and other small islands in archipelago. In this article, we will tell you in detail how to get to Koh Chang by bus, shared minibus or taxi, as well as about airlines that fly to Trat. Do not forget that Koh Chang is an island, which means that you will not be able to bypass the ferry that goes from the continent to Chang and back (even if you arrived). If you come at night time, we can provide private boat for you. Well, just in case, we repeat, the ferry / motor ship / catamaran in the direction from Bangkok or Pattaya Koh Chang still does not exist. There was a test drive in early 2020 from Rayong Pier to Koh Chang, but apparently it was not a commercial success.

From Bangkok to Koh Chang

The distance from the capital of Thailand to Koh Chang is not small - about 340 kilometres by road. The ride will also take a long time, so try to choose more or less comfortable options for moving. Especially if you are traveling with children.

The Bangkok public bus terminals Ekkamai, Morchit and Suvarnabhumi Airport have direct connections to the piers where ferries leave for Koh Chang. You can see the bus schedule below, but note that it may change depending on the season. From Ekkamai the easiest way is to go directly to Trat, buses run almost every half hour from 06.00 am to 23.00 pm. Direct transfer to ferry to Koh Chang in morning at 07-30am and 09-30am. Be prepared to pay around 250-300 thb for a big bus ticket per person. The 999 Express  buses are the most convenient routes for tourists. They have 2 buses that early morning from Ekkamai Bus Station go directly to the AO Sapparot pier, then you buy a ferry ticket on your own and get to the island. If you get to the Trat bus station, you will need to take a songtew(tuk-tuk) that will take you to the pier to the island. The price for such a tuk-tuk ranges from 50 to 300 baht, depending on the number of passengers and your persuasion talent. Also ferry tickets and transfer on songtew on island to your hotel from 80 to 300 thb per person between location of your hotel at island. 

Minibuses also go from Ekkamai station. We admit that the service is not the most convenient. On the way, you will have several transfers from minibus to minibus, then by songtew to the pier, and from pier to your hotel. If you add up the time and money spent, then this option turns out to be quite expensive and not the most comfortable. You are need full day for that transfer by local public transport.

Naval Monument Koh Chang 9.jpg

Naval Monument Beach Koh Chang

From Morchit Station (Northern Bus Terminal) the bus to Trat runs exactly three times a day. Sometimes more often, but not daily. This bus stop is convenient for arriving at Don Muang Airport. The ticket price is 250-270 baht.

Minibuses to Koh Chang also run from the famous Khaosan Street every day. Tickets can be purchased without any problems at every tourist shop. 

The most convenient type of budget transfer is a group minibus. The minibus will pick you up from your hotel in downtown Bangkok and take you to your hotel on the west side of Koh Chang. Minibuses run daily throughout the year. You can order seats in a minibus on our website. All Siamese.Tours minibuses undergo timely maintenance, are equipped with air conditioning and seat belts. You pay the amount upon boarding and the car will take you directly to the hotel, without transfers and without additional charges. Usually we provide only one morning transfer from Bangkok to Koh Chang.

Flights by local Thailand airlines BangkokAir

Trat Airport, owned by Bangkok Airways,

is located on the mainland just 17 kilometres from the pier to Koh Chang.

Daily flights are operated by Bangkok Airways from the capital of Thailand.

You can flight from any Thailand airports with connection in Suvarnabhumi.

The flight from Bangkok to Trat takes 50 minutes. Next, you will need a taxi to get to your hotel on Koh Chang.

In fact it is much more profitable to book a taxi with us from Bangkok to Koh Chang.

Naval Monument Beach Koh Chang 4.JPG

Beach on Koh Chang Island

From Suvarnabhumi Airport by land

Minibuses from Siamese.Tours leave the airport at 11.00 am. If you arrive in Suvarnabhumi before 09.30 am, our service is convenient and practical. 

Some government buses that leave from the previously mentioned stations, Morchit and Ekkamai, also stop at the Public Parking or bus station near Bangkok Airport along the way. There is a free white shuttle bus to it directly from the first floor of the airport, the journey time of which is about 5-20 minutes. The shuttle bus runs frequently enough that the waiting time should not be too long. 

Sailboat at Koh Chang Sea 2.jpg

Sailboat at Koh Chang

From Pattaya to Koh Chang

The distance from Pattaya to Koh Chang

is not much less than from Bangkok - around 300 km by road. The time to go is about the same - half a day.

If you want to get from Pattaya to Koh Chang profitably - choose a group minibus, and if it's fast and comfortable - an individual taxi.

At almost every step in Pattaya, you can buy tickets to the pier of Koh Chang for 500-900 baht (depending on the time of purchase and the transport company).

If at the same time you decide to buy a ticket

for the ferry in advance,

it will cost an additional 100 Thai baht.

You will have to get to the hotel on the island on your own.

The trip to the pier takes about 7-8 hours with stops for a toilet and a smoke break. 

Fans of a comfortable and individual transfer can always take a taxi Pattaya Koh Chang.

You can order all types of transfers at Siamese.Tours.


The cheapest but slowest way to get from Pattaya to Koh Chang on your own is a 7-8 hour big public bus ride. In Pattaya, there is a local bus station at the intersection of Sukhumvit road and North (Nua) street. At about 11.00 am, a bus stops here, following the route "Bangkok - Pattaya - Trat". You can buy a ticket from the controller in the bus. The second bus arrives at about 14.00 pm. The cost of a ticket to the city of Trat is 120 baht, and from the city you can take a tuk-tuk and get to the Koh Chang pier for 50-300 baht. If you missed the last ferry, you can spend the night in Trat or near ferry. Upon arrival on Koh Chang island, right before leaving the pier, you will see white songtew (tuk-tuk), ready to deliver tourists to any beach on the island from 80 to 300 baht, depending on the distance of the trip and vehicle availability. The fare is fixed and can vary only from the impudence of the driver.

Beach on Koh Chang

Ferry to Koh Chang Island

Koh Chang is an island (many people forget), and there is still no bridge from the continent to Chang. The only way to get to the island is to take the ferry. There are two ferry crossings on the continent. The most popular ferry crossing is called Ao Tammachat. Ferries start every 30-40 minutes, but more often according to their capacity. Travel time is 30-50 minutes, depending on how calm the sea is. For an adult you need to pay 80 baht. A car costs 200 baht, a bike - 40 baht.

The second pier is CentrePoint. This ferry is most often used by local residents. The ferry leaves almost every hour, travel time is 60-80 minutes.

Sunset on Koh Chang9.jpg

Sunset on Koh Chang

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