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 How to get on Koh Chang Island

 Ferry Piers to Island
Bicycle on Koh Chang3 .jpg

If you decide to go on your own by transfer

to Koh Chang,

then first you need to decide on the type of transfer to Koh Chang - private transfer or minibus, and, of course, with the pier from which you will take the ferry to the island. There are two piers,

but the most convenient for a tourist is Ao Thammachat. Most minibuses "by default" take tourists here, but before leaving Bangkok or Pattaya, be sure to check the drop-off point.

A little more details on these two piers.

Bicycle on Koh Chang

Ao Thammachat Pier 

Ferry route - "Ao Thammachat - Koh Chang Island (Ao Sapparod) - Ao Thammachat".

The most convenient and popular among tourists pier on the island.

The cost of the ferry is 80 baht one way, 40 baht for a scooter, 120 baht for a car.

Opening hours - from 6.30 to 19.00. Ferry departure times are every 20-45 minutes. Travel time - 30-50 minutes. Upon arrival to the island from this pier, local minibuses will be waiting for you, ready to take you to the selected hotel.

Centerpoint Pier

Ferry route - "Centerpoint - Koh Chang Island - Centerpoint".

Located 3 km from Ao Thammachat pier to the east.

Used mainly by locals and minibus drivers. Cost - 80 baht one way, 140 baht in both directions, transportation of a car - 120 baht, and a scooter 40 baht. Opening hours - from 6.00 to 19.30. Travel time - 60-80 minutes. It is not the most convenient for tourists due to the fact that ferries run infrequently and for a long time.

If for some reason you do not have time for the last ferry to the island, then you should spend the night near ferry or in the town of Trat, which is located 30 kilometres from the pier. The cost of a ticket for a local songtew minibus to the city will be 50-300 baht one way. 

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Songtew at Koh Chang

After arriving directly to the island, at the pier Ao Sapparod you will have a songtew waiting for you, ready to take you to your hotel, no matter what beach it is .. Rates for travel from the pier are standard - from 50 baht (White sand beach) up to 120-300 baht (Bang Bao village). 


"Songtew” is a pickup truck converted into a local minibus. "Song" means two, and "tew” means a row, that is, the full name is "two-row". Inside each pickup, there are two benches opposite each other.


Koh Chang is a hilly island, so walking is possible only between the main beaches, and in other cases, it would be better to use a songtew or a rented scooter to get around. Most Songtew run regularly between White Sand Beach and Lonely Beach. The remaining small part reaches Bailan bay and Bang Bao.  If you are heading to the continent by yourself, then first you need to get to the Ao Sapparod pier. The songtew pier with a standard price tag (from 50 baht and above) begins to go from 06-30 am to about 4 pm, once an hour at the beginning of every hour. You will recognise these songtews by the yellow card on the windshield with the red Ferry lettering.

The rest of the time, in order to get to the pier, you will need to use the services of any songtew privately, such a trip will cost you 300-500 baht. If you are traveling in a company of two or more people, then it will be cheaper for you to travel around the island over long distances on a songtew, having previously agreed on a price with a driver, than to travel at regular prices. Regardless, a motorbike or car rental remains the cheapest and fastest option.

Motorbike and Cars 

One of the main questions of everyone who comes to rest on Koh Chang is transport.

If you have the skills to drive a motorbike in mountainous terrain, it is convenient to make such a trip on a rented motorbike. They can be rented almost near every hotel - in the “green” season,

the cost varies from 150 to 250 baht, in the "high" - from 200 to 350. 

Motorbikes and cars are the main means of transportation around the island,

but most incidents happen precisely with the participation of motorbikes and inexperienced tourist drivers. 

If somewhere on the way around the island your rented motorbike breaks down,

then the easiest way is to call and call a mechanic

to the place of the breakdown.

Car on Koh Chang 3.jpg

Car on Koh Chang

When you want to take are Car

The main points to look out for are:

1. Failure to comply with traffic rules by the local population in principle, so always ride carefully and carefully.

2. Do not forget that on the island, as in Thailand, traffic is left-hand.

3. The turn signals are located on the right side of the steering wheel, and on the left are the windshield washers.

If you are unsure of your driving skills, use Songtew to get around the island. The usual price tag is from 30-40 baht (within the same beach) to 120 baht (for example, between the White Sand beach and Bailan bay).

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Bicycle on Koh Chang 4.JPG

Bicycles on Koh Chang

To drive a motorbike, not everyone has sufficient skills, and the road, fervently winding in the mountains, covered with jungle, does not contribute to the safety of driving. And what can we say about not always predictable drivers, locals and those who, on vacation, were struck by the spirit of unlimited freedom.

It remains to think about the bicycle.

You can drive nicely anywhere on east side of island, in Klong Son Village and from White Sand Beach to Kai Bae.

In Klong Son you can take perfect bicycle at Siamese Diamond Resort.

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