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Communication, Mobile, Mail and Internet

Mobile Connection

Mobile communication in Thailand is more than inexpensive, and you can buy a SIM card everywhere. In connection with the changed legislation, you can now buy a sim  only on your own name and with a passport. There are three mobile operators available in the country: Dtac, Ais and True Move. If you come to Thailand for 10-14 days, then there is not much difference between them, but if you are a happy person and the duration of your vacation is longer, then you should deal with the nuances. All communication works on the territory of the state without roaming, so it is most convenient to buy a SIM card right at the airport: you can immediately register it, and the kind employees of the sales corner will help you activate the connection and provide you with all the useful information. The coverage also works perfectly for all three networks, so there was no significant difference here either. The cost of SIM cards is about the same: from 49thb, while part of the money will already be on the balance. And one more nice bonus - all SIM cards come in three sizes at once: standard, micro and nano.

Sea View from Hotel Koh Chang 3.png

View from Koh Chang Hotel

True is probably the most popular cellular company among tourists.

It's all about competent advertising and marketing. You can buy a True card even at 7-eleven, but most often you won't be able to register it there. Tourist Inter Sims are usually only available to tourists, they can still be free (you shouldn't be especially happy, as you will need to register a SIM card yourself in a specialised sales office and always with a passport. Bonus to this it is on these SIM cards that is very problematic Internet works). Or you can buy a card for the same 49 baht with 90 megabytes of free internet already included. All cards require activation, for this you need to call the short number 9302.

The code for calls to Oversea is 009, the call scheme is similar to those described above, as well as the price - 4 baht per minute (excluding VAT), but True often has different promotions and the price can vary from 3 baht to, alas, 10 baht.

 For example, the cost of 1 GB for 30 days costs 399 baht, and then you can choose larger packages based on your needs. The quality of the Internet is perfect. You can activate or deactivate the package in the sales office or on the True Move website, in your personal account. The balance of this SIM card is also the most convenient to replenish in 7-eleven or Tesco Lotus, for this it is enough to approach the seller and say "Top up": you can buy a recharge card or pay directly at the checkout (but then you must know your phone number ). * 123 # call - check balance

* 933 # - find out your phone number.


You can buy a SIM card from AIS operator everywhere. The cost is similar, from 50 baht without an Internet package, the cost of a call to Thai mobile numbers is from 1 baht. You can buy a SIM card only with a passport and be sure to register. To call Oversea from this SIM card, you should remember (or better write down) another code - 003. When you call your homeland, instead of + you need to dial 003, then country code and the phone number. The cost of a minute of conversation is 4 baht.

AIS does not have unlimited Internet packages, the cheapest and most popular ones start at 299 baht, usually with a validity period: one day, seven days, or 30 days.

You can connect the Internet directly when buying a SIM card, at the company's office or on the AIS website, you can also call the hotline at 1175 (only Thai and English).

Rock sand on Koh Chang


* 121 # call - find out the available balance

* 121 * 3 # call - find out the available traffic balance

* 545 # call - find out your phone number


The cost of a minute of conversation on almost all tariffs is the same - from 1 baht, but if you plan to talk with Thai numbers much more - be sure to connect special packages,

of which Dtac has a lot.

You can choose any option you are interested in on the DTAC website, the navigation is very convenient and understandable.

 For a call to Oversea, it is most convenient to use IP-telephony, then a minute of conversation will cost about 4 baht (note that all prices from mobile operators are indicated without VAT, which is also plus 7%). In this case, you need to use the special code 004: use it instead of the usual +, put 004, then country code and already the telephone number.

To call a Thai number, just dial it using the local format - from 0.

International Thai numbers begin with +66, and as a rule, they will not be particularly useful to you in Thailand. The cost of a simple SIM card is 49 baht

(of which 15 are already on the account).

Usually tourists take SIM cards with already connected Internet packages - here it depends on your needs. You can take a regular card and choose the required internet package yourself on the mobile operator's website.

Note that dtac has unlimited internet packages, which is convenient if, for example, you need to work online. You can disable packages in your personal account on the Dtac website by calling the call centre or simply by going to any office of the company. 4G coverage is available practically throughout the country. You can also buy a SIM card in advance on the official website of the company: - and order delivery to any place convenient for you, or pick it up yourself. How do I top up my balance? In any 7-eleven or Family Mart, you can buy a card with a convenient denomination (from 100 baht), then you need to erase the security code on the card and, following the instructions indicated on the card, type it in the specified order. The validity period of each SIM card is one year from the

date of the last replenishment of the balance.

* 101 * 9 # call - check the available balance

* 101 * 1 * 9 # call - check the available remainder of the traffic on

the connected Internet package

* 102 * 9 # call - find out your number

* 4000 * 9 # - request a login and password for the public Dtac Wi-Fi

Where are the offices of the telephone companies on Koh Chang

There are no DTAC, AIS or TrueMove operators on Koh Chang.

The nearest offices of these companies are located in the cities of Trat and Chanthaburi.

For all necessary questions, you can call the contact centres of the respective companies.

On the island of Koh Chang is the office of TOT, which deals with fixed telephony and the Internet. The TOT office is located on Pearl beach, behind the main post office and 200 meters from the main road.

Sunset on Koh Chang

Koh Chang Post Office

The Koh Chang Post office is located in the centre of Pearl Beach (Haad Kai Mook) off the main road and is easily recognisable by its large sign with a red and white logo.

The postal code of Koh Chang is 23170.

From here you can easily send a postcard to any country in the world. To do this, you need to choose a postcard, sign it (the postal code and the recipient's address are required, the sender's data is not needed) and give it to the cashier, who will stick the appropriate stamp. Usually, the postcard reaches the specified address in Europe 2-3 weeks after it was sent. Also from the post office you can send a parcel around the world up to 20 kg.

Internet on Koh Chang

Many hotels and bungalows provide Internet on Koh Chang to their guests for free, both wired and wireless (Free Wi-Fi). You can learn about the possibility of such a service from the detailed information about the hotel on their information page. In general, you, of course, will not be left without a connection - almost any eatery has the Internet, and you just have to go in and buy some drink for free use of the network for many hours! Hotels without Wi-Fi have their own internet cafes. The average cost ranges from 1 to 2 baht per minute of Internet use. Also on each beach you will find Internet cafes that will provide not only Internet services, but also printing, copying, scanning documents.


Sunset on Koh Chang

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