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Chanthaburi Province one of the most fruity part of Thailand. But what do tourists really know about the city they pass by on their way to Islands Koh Kood and Koh Chang? The only thing is that it is here, in fruit stalls scattered along the main highway, that you can buy kilograms of tasty and inexpensive fruit to fly back home. Meanwhile, the city is interesting not only for its agricultural achievements.

On the map of Thailand, it is located in the central-eastern part. Pliu Waterfalls and many others, the coastline, excellent local cuisine, and the fabulous old Chanthaburi waterfront area, which has left its mark on many cultures - Thai, Chinese and French - you will see all this.

Chanthaburi Church

 The city of Chanthaburi, which the locals call "Chan", is located along the river of the same name, 20 kilometres from the Gulf of Thailand. The symbol of the city is the rabbit, hundreds of figures of which are located on lampposts everywhere. Believe me, the old quarter, which stretches along the Chantabun embankment, is especially good here - old, sleepy wooden houses of streets and alleys beckon with their sophistication. The central street of the old quarter consists of old two-story houses in the Chinese style, and houses on stilts with windows and balconies overlook the river. The balconies and shutters are a trace of the French colonial style, when the province fell under French control for 12 years after the Franco-Siamese War of 1893. The Thailand people have been building their houses for several centuries. There are many of their temples and shrines, and all sights are located in the central part of the city and in province.

Beach lovers will find peace and quiet at Laem Sing Beach and Chao Lao Beach, two of the most famous local beaches. Do not even expect to see foreign tourists here - the resort is known only among the Thailand people, who flood the coast during weekends and national holidays. Local people builded a Gothic-style Catholic cathedral which is the largest in Thailand. The Church is the main place to see, as is the gem market.

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Chanthaburi River

To feel the spirit of Chanthaburi, it would be nice to walk the streets, try ‘pad sen chan buu’ - fried rice noodles with fresh local crabs, guava and durian-flavoured ice cream, coffee in a cafe overlooking the river and then go shopping with jewels. Chanthaburi is considered the gem capital of Thailand. Until recently, rubies, sapphires and other semi-precious stones were mined in the province. The city stone market is open on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays; sellers and buyers from countries around the world to come here.

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Another significant and sacred place for many Thai residents, located a little north of the old quarter, is the Memorial in honour of the Siamese general Thaksin. After the fall of the ancient capital of Ayutthaya, he rallied thousands of people from Chanthaburi and won the war with Burma in 1767, becoming King of Siam. The stupa temple, built in the shape of a hat that Thaksin wore, and inside the building is his seated statue.

Chanthaburi River

In the Chanthaburi province, be sure to visit the Namtok Pliu National Park, which is named after the waterfall, where dozens of carps are found in the bowl and in the crystal clear water of which you can swim. There is a stupa-chedi in the park, erected in memory of the deceased wife of King Rama V. 30 kilometres north of the city is the Khao Kitchakut National Park. Thirteen-level waterfalls flow from Khao Phra Bat Mountain, which is also the source of the Chanthaburi River. Locals believe that the streams of the waterfall have a cleansing power and make pilgrimages here. Nearby is the very famous active monastery of Wat Khao Sukim, which is located on a high mountain.

A large beautiful staircase leads to the temple. For those who cannot climb this staircase, a funicular is provided. Inside the temple there are about twenty wax figures of monks famous in the Thai Buddhist world. The veranda of the temple offers a magnificent view of the surroundings.

If you want to celebrate

Christmas in Thailand,

Welcome to Chanthaburi.

Only one city that

celebrate Christmas at their streets.

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Christmas Show in Chanthaburi

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