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“Big Mango” or "City of Angels" is a city of contrasts, and a few hours will be more than enough for you to feel it. People fall in love with this city like it was the last time, and they hate this city with all their hearts. As you know, angels and all the vices known to mankind live here, here they spend hours in traffic jams, side by side,

limited "Ferrari" and trolley food cart, here skyscrapers rest against the clouds,

and in the neighbourhood grimy children play in the slums.

 It is Bangkok that makes it possible to "understand" Asia, real, and without tourist embellishments.


Bangkok River View

Bangkok is often a transit city for tourists (and few people want to spend their well-deserved rest in a concrete jungle with a constant +37).

What to do when time is short and you want to see a lot?

One of the first and perhaps the most useful advice for travellers - if you value your time - choose hotels in the city centre.

The ideal location area is Siam Paragon and Lumpini, also China Town. 

Khaosan Road for backpackers.

And yet, if you are young and open to adventure - feel free to look for a hotel right here,

because Khao San is an iconic centre of nightlife for tourists and backpackers f

rom all over the world.

Plus, it is convenient to get to

all places marked "must see" from here.

Bangkok city view 3.jpg

Bangkok City View


Bangkok City View

No matter how hard it may seem (especially after a noisy and cheerful night on Khaosan Road), you will have to get up early! It is ideal to hit the road as early as 09.00 am and start your day at the Royal Palace. The ticket price is 500 baht (the ticket should be kept after visiting. If you still have strength, you can use it on the same day to settle one of the most interesting museums in the city - the Museum of Royal Gifts). A dazzlingly beautiful place where you want to wander, looking at the details endlessly. On the territory of the palace, be sure to look at the Temple of the Emerald Buddha - Wat Phra Kaew.

Exactly three minutes walk is the Temple of the Reclining Buddha - Wat Pho. This temple, in addition to its amazing beauty, is also famous for the Academy of Thai massage. It is important to remember that the massage should be on the territory of the temple.

Look for the “Thai Massage” sign and enjoy. 

Have a rest? It's time to continue our journey. Literally 150 meters from the temple, there is a pier, which must be reached in order to cross to another truly magnificent temple complex, Wat Arun. The ferry will cost only 4 baht. The Temple of the Morning Dawn is the oldest stupa, 72 meters high, which you can climb. 

Well, you can finish this busy day like a King.

The city of skyscrapers is much more interesting to look at "from a height". 

Have many perfect restaurants at the roof of skyscrapers while sipping your favourite cocktail,

you can admire the sunset

and the endless "breath"

of the City of Angels. 


Bangkok City View

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